Revitalizing US Manufacturing

Delivering production parts at offshore prices, with 30x less labor required.

Our Mission

Government policies and lack of innovation since the 1980s have created a high-labor, high-waste industry resulting in delays, quality issues, and high costs to businesses. This has driven manufacturing out of America.

Stealth Machine Company is building a network of vertically-integrated, robotic factories across the United States to re-shore manufacturing at globally-competitive prices.

Next-Generation Factories

Stealth Machine Company has built a new software-enabled machining process that lets us run machine tools like web servers: working with 30x less labor, unprecedented factory densities, 100% QC, and machine learning.


100% Inspection of parts regardless of price or complexity.

No Delays

100% Automated production is 100% predictable. Never worry about delays again.


Import prices on US soil thanks to highly efficient and low waste process.


Forget phone calls and email chains. Run your production effortlessly through the web or build entire new businesses through our API and drop-ship from our factory.

Current Capabilities

  • 3-axis routing and milling
  • Wood, plastic, and composite materials – aluminum coming soon
  • Work Envelope: up to 60″ x 96″ x 12″
  • Volume production runs
  • DFM services
  • Packaging & drop-shipping

Get Parts Now

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